How To Clean The Skin Around The Stoma

Cause most famous for creating artificial stoma is injured (due to multiple accidents, fights or attacks) or gastrointestinal illness. This procedure called ileostomy and consists of the following steps: the patient is given a diagnosis, based on the symptoms she was experiencing (usually, pain and digestive problems).
Once established, the treatment will begin, which is solely to avoid the need for a stoma. In most cases, it really works. However, for those who are too ill to respond to treatment, surgery is the only way to save their lives. Usually these patients are those who suffer from serious digestive problems and colon cancer.

After the scheduled surgery, the patient began to prepare for everything involving the stoma to be made. First, she is fully informed about everything that will happen, from the reason behind for surgery aftercare.

How to clean the skin around the stoma most of the vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and other drugs is required. For example, if the patient also suffers from the problem of blood clotting, blood-thinning some will be given before surgery takes place. Immediately after the treatment phase is completed, the operation to create the stoma gets the green light.

Basically, the procedure is a simple one: cut open the abdomen, locate the damaged part of the intestine, trying to clean it up and, if that does not work, remove it completely. Typically, about five inches around the damaged area is removed, just to be safe on the side.

After that, and only if necessary, a new way to eliminate the waste created somewhere near the original location. The stoma is, practically, a hole in the wall of your stomach. Therefore, you better keep in mind that you have to be very careful with it, because it leads directly into your body, with no barrier in between.

After the operation is complete, you should spend about two to four weeks in the hospital, recovering from surgery. After completion of post operatory care section, you are released from the hospital. While you may be tempted to try and make it yourself, it is not advisable, at least for the first few months. You will feel weak, easily tired and nauseated. It is better to have company at this time, if only for emergency calls when your line is not.

Aftercare is a bit pretentious, but you have to remember that you have a bag that is inserted into your stomach, collect waste. Some of these bags flat enough to not be seen when the patient Don on some clothes, but others need some support. Also, remember that the stoma actually cut directly into the lining of your intestines and it should be pink or red, shiny and slightly moist at all times. Because it has contact with blood vessels, your stoma may bleed when you clean, but the surrounding skin should always be dry.

How to clean the skin around the stoma look carefully your stoma every time you change the bag. If something looks amazing, do not hesitate to go to the emergency room. If the surrounding skin is wet or red bag, your bag may not seal well on the stoma. This is reason for concern. You should contact your doctor immediately present. If the stoma is leaking, the bags may be damaged. Once again, this should be addressed immediately. Shave all the hair around the stoma. If one entered a stoma that hair, it can cause problems