Colostomy Stoma Pictures

Incidence of complications for patients with colostomy was slightly higher than ileostomy patients. Some common complication was stoma prolapse, perforation, retracted stomas, fecal impaction, and irritation of the skin. Leakage of anastomotik can occur when a segment of bowel rest of experiencing pain or weakness. Leaks cause abdominal distention and rigidity anastomotik intestine, increasing the temperature, and signs of shock. Surgical repair is necessary solutions.

Stoma was measured to determine the exact size bag. Sac hole should be about 0.3 cm larger than the stoma. The skin is cleaned first. Peristomal the skin barrier is installed. Then the bag is installed by opening the paper over the adhesive and menekanya stoma. Mild skin irritation require stomahesive powder scattered before the bag is attached.

Function of the tip end of the intestine brought out to the surface of the stomach, stoma creation is done by reversing the intestine and rub the custom-made, the surface of the stoma usually looks moist and pink. Distal part of colon removed or covered with stitched and left behind in the stomach. End colostomy is usually permanent stoma, is usually caused by trauma, cancer or other diseases.

Colostomy was made by bringing the arch of the colon (loop of bowel) through an incision in the abdominal wall. Intestinal arch detained outside the abdominal wall with a plastic rod slipped beneath it. An incision is made in the intestine to allow the flow of sewage through the colostomy. Retaining rod removed (taken) after about 7-10 days after surgery, when it has healed it will not be interested in the intestine into the abdomen. Loop colostomy is most often a temporary stoma to be useful for the diversion of sewage so as not to pass through the intestinal obstruction due to pelvic sepsis or the presence of colon cancer, diverticulitis, colorectal trauma, radiation or trauma complications of inflammatory bowel disease. Can also be used for the protection connections koloanal or a fistula.